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    Language is a unique concept that can foster connections within and across cultures, which is why I'm so happy to teach it. This year I will Spanish I at both the middle and high school. Thank you for visiting my official Aubrey Teacher Page. Please explore the links to the left to find useful information. If you ever have any questions or comments, contact me at akrol@aubreyisd.net.
    I was first exposed to Spanish in a classroom setting, but have seen it come to life abroad while visiting Honduras, the Domincian Republic, Argentina, and while spending a semester in Peru where I took classes in Spanish and taught English. Living in Texas also provides many opportunities to interact with and learn more about the Spanish language and culture surrounding it.
    Enjoy these photos of my two dachshunds back from when they were puppies in 2017. They are adjusting to no longer being the babies of the house and learning to love my daughter who was born in January 2021.
    Puppy 1 Puppy 2