Degrees and Certifications:

Distance Learning Information

Distance Learning Information

  • In order to access lesson materials for distance learning, please join my google classroom. The codes for each subject are below. As a reminder, students will be required to log in to their school Google accounts before they will be allowed to access the classroom. 

    Google Classroom can be found at this link:

    • Physics 3rd: eb6xzj3
    • Physics 4th: 57xixvl
    • Physics 5th: x5m6p55
    • Physics 7th: 5eef7qi
    • UT On Ramps 2nd: n6vsrqg
    • UT On Ramps 6th: 3aboggv

Online Office Hours

  • To further facilitate online learning and to assist students who may have questions about the material, I will have online office hours through the Zoom teleconferencing app. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, I will have a set timeframe in which I will be available to discuss the course material, elaborate on instruction, and answer any questions students may have. Please feel free to take advantage of the time if you need assistance! The time slots are as follows:

    Wednesday and Thursday:

    9 am-10 am: Physics Office Hours

    10 am-11 am: UT On Ramps Office Hours

    Meeting Codes:

    I will post the link for the teleconferencing link on Google Classroom prior to the set time, so please make sure you log in to get the updated code.