Technology Help

  • Technology Help Desk (Starting Wednesday, March 25)
    The technology department has started a help desk at 940-668-1550 Monday through Friday from 10 am until 12 p.m. 

    Technology Drop Off Dates the Week of May 18

    Aubrey ISD has set up drop off times for school-issued technology equipment and textbooks during the week of May 18. If your child has any textbooks from the school year or technology equipment that was checked out, please return items to Aubrey High School on one of the below days. School-issued technology may include Chromebooks, iPads, wifi-hotspots and cameras, etc.

    Please return all  items to Aubrey High School. If your child goes to Brockett, Monaco or Aubrey Middle School, please return textbooks and equipment to the high school. Staff will be cataloguing the returns in the library. When you arrive at the high school, please drive to the front of the school and remain in your cars. Please have textbooks and equipment in the trunks of your cars so we can adhere to social distancing. We will have staff members outside to help with the returns.

    Wednesday, May 20, 8 am-12 pm:

    • High School Seniors turn in equipment/books to high school

    Thursday, May 21, 8 am-6 pm:

    • All students turn in equipment/books to high school

    Friday, May 22, 8 am-6 pm:

    • All students turn in equipment/books to high school


    Questions? Please contact the technology helpdesk at 940-668-1550 during the above times. 

    Password Issues

    If your student is having password issues with any of the programs they are using for e-learning, please do the following:

    1. Please let the teacher know and/or
    2. Fill out this form

    We will need the student’s username, student ID/ Lunch number, campus, and program they are having problems with.

     Providing Internet for Students at Home 

    The below pdf has a few options for families who do not have internet at home.

    Click this link to read more