Grading/Progress Monitoring During Extended Closure For Parents

  •  Grading/Progress Monitoring During Extended Closure For Parents 

    Evaluating and reporting student progress is a difficult task which requires skill, time, and attention. It is generally conceded that no perfect system has yet been devised. Monitoring student progress during this time of crisis will be even more difficult. However, the district has adopted the following protocol for grading/progress monitoring during the extended closure. All teachers have been trained by their principal in the system.

    We will be relying on parents as our partners to closely monitor and provide feedback to students to assist them in their learning. Teachers will also be relying on brief observations, parent feedback, and limited communication to make instructional decisions to benefit students. Equitable access to the curriculum and level of student support will differ.  Because there are so many variables that cannot be controlled with distance learning, grading, assessment, and progress monitoring will need to be extremely flexible. 

    The philosophy of AISD is that a grade should represent a fair estimate by the teacher of a student’s scholastic achievement. 

    Grading should: 

    • Help teachers appraise the effectiveness of teaching the TEKS. 
    • Help teachers evaluate strengths and needs of each student.
    • Give parents information that will help to guide the student.
    • Help the student to evaluate and see his/her progress.
    • Help the student to recognize how the student may improve his/her work.

    Work completed and returned to the teachers during the extended closure will be used to monitor progress toward mastering the TEKS. Teachers will use a variety of information from students including online observations, assignment completion, and parent input to determine what and how learning opportunities will be delivered and how students are progressing. Due to the limited amount of direct instruction, and the decreased amount of direct student feedback teachers will give careful consideration of what is graded. 

    Progress Reporting: 

    During the closure, teachers are asked to communicate with parents as often as possible regarding their student’s progress. As teachers begin to enter grades, teachers will continue to provide feedback in a variety of ways and grades will be available in Parent Portal. If you need assistance accessing Parent Portal, please email your principal.

    Progress reporting will be as follows:

    March 16 - April 3 --- No grade reporting, feedback and progress monitoring 

    April 6 - April 27 ---  Grades entered, available on Portal 

    April 30 - May 21 (should the district remain closed) --- Grades entered, available on Portal 

    How will elementary Promotion/Retention Decisions be made?

    At the elementary level, information from report cards, assessments (ISIP, DRA, TPRI, Unit Tests, Benchmarks, Reading Inventories, etc.), parent and teacher input will be used to make retention and promotion decisions for this school year. 

    How will Middle and High School students earn credit?

    Work completed and returned to the teachers during the extended closure will be used to monitor progress toward mastering the TEKS. 

    According to EIA (Local) in order to earn credit, a student must show a level of mastery of the designated objectives. During the closure, you will be collecting data on student mastery through your observations, conversations, student conferences, student work, and again considering the student level of support. The grades that you are taking should be representative of the student’s level of mastery.

    Since there will be no final exam, the Spring semester average is the average of the 3rd nine weeks and 4th nine weeks. The overall grade will be an average of  the Spring semester and the Fall semester.

    How will GPA be determined for this year for grades 9-12?

    According to policy, the grade point average (GPA) is calculated from each semester grade (Grades 9-11), and only the first semester grade and 3rd nine-weeks grades earned in Grade 12. 

    Grade 12 GPA calculations will remain the same for this school year. By board policy, senior GPA’s include the third nine weeks which will be their final calculated GPA.

    Considering the many inequities during this crisis, in order to be equitable for students in grades 9-11, GPA calculations will only include the Fall semester in 2019-2020 only.