Let's Chat!

  • You can contact me by phone during my conference period or directly after school, by email any time of the day - please allow up to 24 hours for a response, - or via the Talking Points texting system. Please add yourself to our classroom Talking Points to recieve updates, reminders, and announcements. This information will be available at Meet the Teacher night and emailed out for privacy purposes.


    Contact Information: 


    Phone: 940-668-3800 ext 6611


    Email: bhardin@aubreyisd.net


    Conference time: TBDy. This time will occasionally be filled with meetings, so please email ahead of time if you want to schedule a conference with me!


    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have at any time via email for a quick response! I value building relationships with my kiddos and their families. YOU are the single most useful tool your kiddo has, so if you have a question, I want to answer it.

    I love hearing about things that happen in my students' lives outside of school and am excited to attend games or activities that they may like me to attend. I can't promise to be there every time, but I have been known to pop by soccer games, dance recitals, and even the occasional birthday bash.