Welcome to Fuller Elementary Music!

  • Classroom Procedures &



    CHAPS = 5 Points

    Make choices help everyone learn

    Use instruments & materials with care

    Speak, sing, and play only when asked

    Immediately follow all directions

    Consider yourself and others


    Each class has the opportunity to

    earn 5 letters (CHAPS) equalling 5 points

    towards a game day. Each class needs 100

    points for a free/game day. 


    Music Secret Students: 

    1. Are polite and respectful to others.

    2. Raise their hands before sharing.

    3. Are good team members/encourage others.

    4. Listen to instructions/follow directions.

    5. Are careful with classroom equipment.


    Each class Mr. Clayton will select one or two

    students who exemplify these characteristics

    to receive a prize and be recogized. 


    Behavior Consequences:

    Level 1: Verbal warning/Loss of points

    Level 2: Removal of instrument/activity

    Level 3: Student-teacher conference 

    Level 4: Parent-teacher conference