• Walkers:

     Pre-K thru 2nd grade must be accompanied by an older sibling to walk home. FES will meet siblings up before dismissing. Students will be escorted in groups across Quicksilver Blvd if they are traveling to the south side of the neighborhood. Students who will walk to the east will be escorted down Quicksilver to Faro.

    Parents may meet up with their child on Quicksilver or at a designated location off school property, determined by the family. Parents will not meet-up with their child on school grounds due to safety precautions and the inability to monitor social distancing guidelines. Please email Mrs. Abrams if your child requires specific accommodations.  

    Bike Riders:

    Bike riders will follow the same procedures (as above) for walkers. Bike riders will walk their bike, until they are escorted off school property and safely to the sidewalks.


    Car Riders: 

    Pre-K thru 1st Grade Car Riders will enter off Faro Road on the NORTH side of the building. 

    2nd-5th Grade Car Riders will enter off Quicksilver Bld on the SOUTH side of the building.

    ****Siblings will meet up and dismiss on the NORTH side location. Parents will not have to go through both lines, only the NORTH side if the younger students are in Pre-K thru 1st grade.

    Both sides will form one line. Thank you for your patience, as we do not have the staff at this time to safely have double lines. 

    We have purchased car tags to hang on your windshields, however they will go home on the first day of school. Please make a temporary sign to hang up that includes your child’s first and last name and grade level written BIG AND NEAT. 

    Please have your driver's license ready to show our staff. Safety is our top priority! Our staff needs to verify who is authorized to pick up your child! 

    Please be understanding that this will take time the first week of school and the line will move slowly.

    Bus Riders: Per district policy, bus transportation is provided to families that reside outside of a two-mile radius of a school. At this time, residents of Silverado will not qualify for bus service for Fuller Elementary. Bus service will be provided for students who are zoned for Fuller Elementary and live outside of the Silverado neighborhood, such as residents on FM 2931. 

    Pre-K students who live in the Brockett, Monaco, and outside of Silverado will also qualify for bus service. 

    Intra and Inter district transfer students will not qualify for bus service. Please make arrangements to have your child be a car rider, car pool, after-school care, or be picked up by one of our local daycare providers. 

    Students may only ride the bus they are assigned to by the AISD transportation department. Students are prohibited from riding home with other students on different buses.

    Arrival and Dismissal map for FES