• At Home Activities

    Below are links to activities to help students practice English while they are at home.  Most activities require only paper, a pencil, and things found around the home.  The activies are arranged so that families can participate in one activity each day, and the activities are in English and Spanish.  If you would like a link to the activities in another language, please email Monica Molinar at mmolinar@aubreyisd.net

    English at Home, Weeks 1-4;            English at Home, Weeks 5-8;           English at Home, Weeks 9-12

    Inglés en su Casa, Semanas 1-4;     Inglés en su Casa, Semanas 5-8;     Inglés en su Casa, Semanas 9-12


    Online Resources

    BrainPOP - Educational games and activities in all subject areas

    username: brockettes          password: chaps


    BookFlix - Read the story or watch the book.  Click the toggle button to find titles available in English and Spanish.

    username: aubreyes1          password: bookflix


    Talking Points for Parents App

    Do you have a question or need help communicating a question or concern to your child's school or teacher?  Please text your campus ESL teacher or Monica Molinar via your Talking Points App. 


    Texas Education Agency

    State webpage for parents and families of English learners in Texas