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    Classroom Rules:

    1. Listen when the teacher is talking.

    2. Raise our hand to speak.

    3. Follow directions quickly and quietly.

    4. Use kind words and be respectful to others.

    5. Keep our hands and feet to ourselves.

    6. Always try to do our best!


    Our Classroom Rewards Include:

    • Individual Tickets
    • Table group Tickets
    • Verbal praise
    • Positive note home
    • Sit at teacher's table
    • Positive note home to parent
    • Eat with a friend at lunch
    • Pick from the Treat box
    • Choose a new, fancy pencil


    Possible consequences:

    • Student is reminded of their commitment
    • Student is redirected by teacher
    • Student will conference with teacher
    • Student is sent away from learning area
    • Student has reflection time and possible practice time during recess
    • Student has lonely lunch
    • Teacher may send a note or call home