• Your child deserves the most positive educational climate possible for academic and social/emotional growth.  This discipline plan affords every student the opportunity to manage his or her behavior and will be in effect at all times.


    Classroom Expectations:

    • Arrive on time with all materials 

    • Keep hands, feet, and objects to themselves

    • Work during all work times.

    • Turning in homework on time

    • Follow directions immediately.

    • Take ownership and responsibility

    Consequences for failing to meet the expectations:

    Consequences will be decided by the students and teacher based on the severity of the undesired behavior. Parents will be notified of undesired behavior through a note sent home, a phone call, or an email. Students may be asked to complete a behavior form addressing the cause and effects of the inappropriate behavior. This will be sent home and be signed and then returned. Severe misbehavior will be addressed by the administration.


    Appropriate behavior will earn:

    Praise (daily)

    Positive notes/phone calls/emails sent home (random)

    Whole class free time


    *It is very important to us that all students feel respected in our  classroom. If your student is struggling with negative feelings from a classmate, teacher, or anyone involved in our day, please encourage them to make us aware of the situation promptly. If you prefer to let your teacher know of the situation privately, please call or email. We spend a large part of our days together and it is our goal that each person is comfortable in our surroundings. We believe this mutual respect makes for a productive learning environment.