• Classroom Community
    • My Philosophy

      I believe that a successful classroom consists of consistent and predictable procedures and routines, establishes rules with logical consequences, provides an environment with mutual respect shown towards teacher, peers, and staff, and a sense of community in the classroom with a shared sense of purpose.Ie believe that children learn best in an environment that is both loving and structured. I also believe that all children are different and effective discipline involves enforcing a few general guidelines, rather than a long list of specific rules.  Situations are dealt with as they arise, with the focus on enabling the child to grow and learn from his or her actions. Our class guidelines are:

      • Be a safe, respectful, and caring learner.  
      • Be a good listener.
      • Be a good friend to others.
      • Always try your best.

      If a student is having difficulties following these guidelines, we will:

      • Ask questions to promote thinking and responsibility. 
      • Encourage students to problem solve.
      • Offer students choices within limits. 
      • Model problem solving skills.
      • Apply consequences that best fit the problems of the individual students with empathy and care.

      My Responsibilities as your Teacher

      • I will set clear expectations.
      • I will offer feedback on assignments, activities, and projects.
      • I will listen to my students and their parents and be flexible.
      • I will model and show the mutual respect I want you to reciprocate.
      • I will maintain an open line of communication between myself, my students, and parents.

      To build self concept in my classroom, I will:

      • Praise your child in a sincere manner.
      • Communicate unconditional love and acceptance of each child.
      • Reward individual accomplishments.
      • Reward class accomplishments.

      In the event that your child’s behaviors are interfering with his or her learning, or the learning of others, you will be notified by phone, email or with a note that will need to be signed and returned. I will communicate with you as often as necessary to ensure that your child has a successful school year.  I believe in strong parent-teacher communication. Please feel free to contact me at any time . 

      Incentives/Rewards for Appropriate Behavior

      • Classroom money will be rewarded by me when I see awesome behavior. Students will collect their money in a "wallet" provided by me, and at the end of each week the students will be able to spend their money on treasure box items.  
      • Character Awards - Students will be nominated throughout each week as they show good character, and their character award will be hung in the main hallway of the school. 


      1st   Breaking of Rule

      Verbal Warning

      2nd  Breaking of Rule

      Agenda turned in

      3rd   Breaking of Rule

      Agenda is signed/Loss of recess time with a reflection walk

      4th   Breaking of Rule

      Phone call home 


      **Severity Clause**

      Some behaviors may result in an immediate office visit.