Aubrey ISD Bus Rules

  • Below is a list of expectations for each student. Failure to comply with these rules will result in consequences, up to and including removal of riding privileges.


    1. Respect the driver and follow his/her instructions at all times.

    2. Respect each other, keep your hands and feet to yourself

    3. Do not use profanity.

    4. Ride your assigned bus only and remain in your assigned seat.

    5. Face forward and keep your feet, legs in front of you.

    6. Keep your head and other body parts inside the bus.

    7. Keep the aisle clear of clutter.

    8. Food and beverages are prohibited. Water is allowed (in closed container).

    9. Keep the bus clean.

    10. Do not throw anything inside or outside of the bus.

    11. Do not damage the seats, floor, walls, ceiling or windows.

    12. Talk quietly, do not play music or listen to videos unless you are using ear buds.
      Do Not share content with other riders. Keep noise level to a minimum.

    13.  Stand clear of the bus’s blind spots; always walk in front, not behind or beside the bus.
    14. Never re-board the bus for lost items; ask the driver.

    15. Never reach underneath the bus for dropped items; ask the driver.

    16. Do not block the driver’s view of any window or mirror on the bus.

    17. Skateboards and other large objects are not permitted.

    18. Tobacco, tobacco products, lighters, matches & e-cigarettes are prohibited.         

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