• Mrs. Arington and Mrs. Philipp  ELAR Procedures and Expectations


    Welcome! I hope all of you are ready for an exciting new year. Before we get started,  we need to discuss some items. If at any time you or your parent/guardian has questions about any of the following, please feel free to call me at school (940-668-0200) or email us at larrington@aubreyisd.net, or tphilipp@aubreyisd.net.



    The Aubrey ISD family values integrity, respect, compassion, loyalty, service, and excellence. Every chaparral is expected to live by these guidelines. Specifically, the rules for this classroom are:

    1. Respect all students and school personnel.
    2. Do your best.
    3. Follow all rules in the AMS student handbook.


    If an AMS student handbook rule is broken, you will receive a verbal warning. Only one warning will be given per class period. If a rule is broken a second time a discipline referral will be recorded along with a parent contact.  A third offence will result in an office referral.  


    ** Any emotional or physical mistreatment toward another student or school personnel will result in an automatic office referral.



    Daily supplies that you will need for this class are:

    • textbook
    • Pen or pencil
    • Spiral notebook


    Absent Work Policy

    Absent work is your responsibility. You will have the number of days missed to make up the missed work. Missing assignments will be recorded in the Parent Portal as an “M”. Also, if we have a quiz, test, or  writing assignment during your absence, it is your responsibility to schedule a time with me to complete those items. 


    Late Work Policy

    An assignment that is one day late will receive a (-10 pts.) deduction from the grade earned. An assignment that is two days late will receive a (-20 pts.) deduction from the grade earned. An assignment that is three days late will receive a (-30 pts.) deduction from the grade earned. After the fourth day, you receive a zero for the assignment. 



    If you earn a failing grade on a test, you may redo it with the maximum grade of 70.



    Per middle school policy, you are allowed two tardies each semester. You will receive an one-hour detention for a third tardy. 



    Grades will be taken on a regular basis. Homework for my class will consist of any assignments that are not completed during the time allowed in class. 


    I am looking forward to a great year! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 

    Thank you for your support, 


    Lisa Arrington and Tippie Philipp

    6th Grade ELAR