2022-23 Returning Dual Credit Students Through NCTC

  • If you are a RETURNING NCTC Dual Credit Student, all you are required to do is complete the 2022-2023 NCTC Registration Form and return it to Mrs. Holloway as soon as possible.

    A 2022-2023 NCTC Registration Form will be emailed to all currently enrolled NCTC DC students or you can print a copy from the AHS website.  Upon receipt of this completed form, Mrs. Holloway will sign approval and email the form back to you for completion of the online registration process and tuition payment.  The registration form is due to Mrs. Holloway by April 4th at 4:00 PM.  Online registration begins April 19th and the last day to register if May12th.

    How will you know how to complete the NCTC Registration Form?

    Use the handout, 2022-2023 Dual Credit Courses Offered through Aubrey High School.

    This form give you all the information (course #, semester, etc.) that you need to fill in the courses you are choosing to take. The only thing you will not have is the section number.

    Mrs. Holloway will complete that for you when she is reviewing your form.  You may only register for courses that have been approved. Registering for unapproved courses may result in forfeiture of ALL courses.

    • Complete the NCTC Registration Form
    • Mrs. Holloway will review this registration form and sign for approved courses.
    • This completed form will be scanned and emailed back to you to complete the online registration process.  You may only register for courses that have been approved.
    • Registering for unapproved courses may result in forfeiture of ALL courses.


    • Unlike high school, college is not free.  Students MUST check their student portal from MyNCTC to determine tuition charges.
    • Before payment, you may need to have the NCTC Business Office rerun your bill for accuracy.  Bills can be paid by phone (940) 668-4200, in person at most campus business offices, or online from MyNCTC student services portal.  You will need your ID and password to access.
    • Apply for NCTC Scholarships before April 15th for the Fall Semester/October 15th for the Spring Semester
    • NCTC also provides waivers for students participating in the Federal Lunch Program.  Check with your counselor to make sure your name is submitted.  Only 6 hours each semester (2 classes) is covered under the tuition waiver.
    • All students who drop or withdraw from a course during any semester will be responsible for paying a portion of the tuition.
    • At this time, the tuition cost is $132 per credit hour. Example: ENGL1301 (English for the fall semester)= 3 hours x $132 = $396/ENGL1302 (English for the spring semester) = 3 hours x $132= $396. Tuition rates have not been set at this time by the Board at NCTC, so tuition rates are subject to change.
    • Compared to an average of $1003 for one class tuition and fees at a Public University in Texas, this is a bargain!

    Purchase Textbooks

      • Unlike high school, students are required to buy their own textbooks.
      • You can rent or purchase used copies but these will sell out early.
      • NCTC has bookstores on the Flower Mound, Gainesville and Corinth campuses.  You can also purchase books online.
      • Free/reduced lunch grant recipients are responsible for purchasing their own textbooks.
    • Economics and Government digital textbook fees are added to students’ accounts and must be paid through MyNCTC or the business office.

    IMPORTANT Deadlines for ALL NCTC Dual Credit Students for 2022-2023

    1.  Your NCTC Registration Form must be returned Mrs. Holloway by April 4th at 4:00 PM
    2.  Registration forms will be verified, signed and returned to your school email by April 19th, when you will be able to begin registering for classes.  The last day to register is May 12th.