• Important Geometry Documents

    This document contains all of the assignments you will have from the book during this year. It will not inform you of when they will be covered but does provide the order in which the sections will be covered.
    As a rough guideline, we should complete at least to chapter 6 during the first semester (grading periods 1-2). We will then cover chapters 7 through 13 during the second semester (grading periods 3-4).
    Required Materials
    This document contains a list of all the items you will be required for the course.
    Most of the items are readily available at large department stores, however availability will diminish as the beginning of the school year nears.
    The more difficult items to acquire can most often be found at the office supply specialty stores.
    Course Outline

    This document describes aspects of the course such as how grading will be performed, late work policies, absence policies, etc.

    Released test tickets

    These documents are the completed test tickets that are released after completing the chapter.