Family of the Week(end)Kinder shed door

     If you would like to be a "Family of the Week" call Mrs. Milacek at 940-668-0036
    Thank you for being a "Family of the Week" to help with our outdoor classroom.Please pick up the keys from the front office during working hours from Monday to Thursday. (8AM to 4PM)
    Some of the things you might do (as needed) are as follows:
    *Pull weeds
    *Mow the grass (we have an environmentally friendly rotary push mower in the shed.)
    *Water anything that looks thirsty. This includes things inside the gate, the garden beds, and trees and plants around the shed. (The water key is in the water outlet inside the outdoor classroom. Sometimes it is hard to turn, just keep turning until water comes out.)
    *Weed eat (an electric weed eater is in the shed, plug is under the little pond house.) 
    *Feed the fish if the temperature is above 55 degrees, once per day and about a handful of food per day(please no more than that).  Food is in the shed on the windowsill.
    Please do anything that you see that needs to be done. We appreciate you so much for volunteering to keep our Brockett Environmental Learning Lab Area in great shape so that our kids can enjoy it year after year!