• Web Sites We Use

         This site is the Eagle Nest that we are currently watching. Please note this is a moderated chat. It is safe for studnets to partake in.
         We will be reading Little House in the Big Woods. Students can gain knowldge about the author as well as other charcters in the book. This site has some very neat pictures of homes during this time.
        As we venture into the Cowboys and cattler drives we will be looking into the invetion of cattle brands and barbed wire. This website will be used in the classroom to give students an insight and visual pictures of how far barbed wire has come as well as a look at brands and their meaning.
        We are live. I have a FaceBook page for our class. It is another way to reach me. I can help students with their homework as well as answer questions. I will make postings about assignment dues dates and any upcoming important dates.