• Home Practice Ideas
    For articulation:
    1.  Have your child cut out pictures from magazines of things that have your child's sound in them.
    2.  Choose story books to read that have a lot of your child's sound in them.
    3.  As you are riding in the car, challenge your child to find things that have his sound in them.
    4.  Offer to give your child a nickle for every time he uses his sound correctly during dinner time.
    For language:
    1.  Read to your child, stopping often to ask questions or to explain vocabulary that may be challenging.  It is best to use high-interest books with good illustrations and less text.
    2.  Let your child help with small chores around the house, as you explain the steps involved.  For example, cooking is a great activity to practice sequencing steps.
    3.  Give your child short instructions when asking him to do something.  One or two step directions are best.
    4.  Watch a favorite tv program with your child, then discuss some of the vocabulary and concepts you saw in the show to see if your child is understanding.
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