• Discipline Procedure -
    Each student is guided and encouraged throughout each day to grow in maturity as well as intellect.  Good behavior and good choices are always expected, however misbehavior is a growing experience and handled as a growth opportunity.   If the student, after a verbal warning, chooses to continue an undesirable behavior the teacher and student will have a quick level check. This is considered an opportunity for the student to become aware of his chosen behavior and how it is effected others in the classroom.  The level check also gives the student a chance  to consider the consequences for a certain action. If the student still continues to engage in the inappropriate behavior he or she will be given a level check consequence.  At this point in the level check discipline procedure a student will realize that he is responsible for his own actions and the consequences that result. Your child will then fill out a reflection sheet . This reflection sheet will be sent home to be signed. I want each  parent or guardian to understand that I will attempt to discipline and not punish your child.   My goal is to help each child to see the error in his ways and independently correct his own misbehavior.  Self awareness and concern for other's needs is a top priority in the classroom family.  I am excited to watch your child grow this year and feel very honored to be your child's fifth grade teacher.