• Classroom Rules, Consequences, Rewards
    Listen carefully and follow directions
    Respect self and others, keep hands, feet and objects to self
    Bring materials to class daily
    Raise hand to get teachers attention 

    "PAW"sitive Behavior

    Best in Show:  Going above and beyond, modeling behavior and choices that are positive examples. 
    Tail Waggin Good:  Following directions, making correct choices, on task behavior and has not had to have a warning from the teacher.  
    Ready to Learn: Start on green every day.  
    Dropping The Ball:  asked to stop and think about your choices.  Owe 5 minutes of recess.
    Barking Up The Wrong Tree:  visit reflection area, owe 10 minutes of recess. 
    In The Dog House:  Teacher chooses the discipline, examples are: time at recess to share in a note to your parent the choices made, owe 15 minutes of recess, a call home, a visit with the counselor or principal.
    Your child will receive positive recognition through the super improver wall.
    • Homework pass
    • Show and Share
    • Stinky Feet
    • Furry Friend
    • Guest Speaker
    • Free Computer time for thirty minutes
    • Teacher Chair for a lesson
    • Teacher desk for a lesson
    • Lunch with a buddy
    • Bumper buddies for a lesson




      When will homework be assigned?

      Homework will be assigned Monday throughThursday nights via a weekly homework assignment sheet sent home in homeworkfolders on Monday.  Parents must sign the homeworksheet every night!   Homeworkrelates to the subjects and topics addressed in class and serve severalpurposes:  reinforcement, practice,builds independence and to instill a sense of responsibility in eachchild.  It should not take more than 10minutes for your child to complete Math homework. 


      What about reading homework?

      It is expected that each child will read for 20 minuteseach night. If your child has read with me that day in reading groups, he will bringhome that book to reread for homework.  IfI have not read with your child that day, he/she will bring home a book he has readpreviously or an appropriate level library book.  Your child will record the book that he isresponsible for reading that night on his homework sheet.


      Your child will make reading a partof their everyday lives.  Please rememberchildren benefit not only from reading independently, but also from being readto by an adult.  So even though yourchild is becoming an independent reader, please continue to give your child thegift of hearing stories.


      What about the Spelling words?

      Your child will receive a Spellinglist every Monday.  The list will consistof 10 words that follow the Spelling pattern(s) we are learning that week atschool.  There will also be 5 reviewwords that are pulled from previous lists. Your child will work with these words every day at school, but for mostchildren, additional study time at home is needed for successful mastery of these words.  Your child is free to practice these words however they choose and nothing needs to be turned in.  I would strongly encourage you topractice these words with your child for a few minutes every night so that he/she learns these words thoroughly.



      What happens if the homework is notcompleted?

      If your child misses a homework assignment (either Math or Reading), he/she will stay in at recess for Study Hall to finish the assignment.  He/she will also move a card on our behavior chart signaling that he/she was not prepared for the day.


      Please contact me if you have anyquestions or need further explanation!


                Thankyou for being supportive and helping your child develop important work habits thatthey will carry throughout their educational careers!


      Mrs. Crisp