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    Interested in Raising an Animal?

    Name: Jennifer Gilbreath
    Email Address: jgilbreath@aubreyisd.net
    Phone number: 940-668-3900

    Animal projects are just a small part of the Agricultural curriculum. Animal projects are to be handled outside of school time, and school comes first! I am here to serve as an advisor.
    As an advisor, I will help you choose the right kind of animal that is best for you and your family, advise you where to house your animal, and approximately how much time and money may be involved. Animals are much like young adults, they like to eat and drink fresh food on a regular basis! The Agricultural program has housing facilities that you may use for your animal upon teacher's approval. If you are looking to raise an animal for Market purpose (this is NOT a pet project) please talk with your parents and have them contact me at the Middle School.
    As a student you will be required to:
    • Purchase your animal (with my advise if desired)
    • Purchase feed, medicine, show equipment, etc..
    • Feed and water your animal daily
    • Clean your pen daily
    • Keep accurate records of your animal
    • Be willing to learn everything there is to know about your animal
    • Solicit a buyer to purchase your animal
    • Sell your animal
    • Give 110% effort
    As a Parent I would request you to:
    • Be supportive with your student
    • Be honest with your student about their responsibility
    • This is not YOUR project
    • Ask questions
    • Discuss financial obligations with your student
    • Give 100% effort
    As an Advisor I will give:
    • 100% to the project
    • Any advise or support needed
    • Detailed instructions
    • Supervision
    • Transportation to some shows/sales
    • Housing options for some animals
    When to buy animals:
    April/May: Steers & Heifers (Heifers can be purchased year round)
    August- September: Goats, Sheep and Pigs
    December-February: Chicken, Rabbits (need to know if you are interested in November)
    Most animals will be shown at Major Stock Shows (January-April)(Ft.Worth, San Antonio, Houston)
    Aubrey ISD Show (March)
    Please see the FFA tab for more information.