• UIL Academic Team Rules


    1.   In order to compete for an event, you must come to practices, perform for your coach and have a good attitude.

    2.   Once you have made a commitment to a team, you need to stick with it. Our coaches and your teams depend on you. Unless you have a circumstance that cannot be avoided, you must participate once you have signed up.

    3.   Always clean up after yourself. That is in your coaches’ rooms, practice rooms, the stage, and your area during district.

    4.   Show complete respect to everyone on our UIL team, whether it be a student in your event, in another event, a coach, or yourself. Follow the golden rule and we will all be just fine.

    5.   Just as in any extracurricular, if you do not pass, then you are not able to compete.

    6.   We will be wearing a team uniform when we go to district. We will wear a specific Aubrey Middle School T-shirts with jeans. We will be dressed in school appropriate attire at all times. Students doing speaking events will dress up to compete.