Class Expectations

    Class Expectations for Ms. Dickson’s Students:                              


    1.  Follow directions IMMEDIATELY!

    2.  Be respectful when others are talking. Follow voice levels.

    3.  Stay seated during the lesson.

    4 .Make smart, thoughtful, and purposeful choices.

    5. BIG RULE! Listen when the teacher is talking. Make her happy!


    Consequences if a student chooses not to follow class expectations, the student's house will lose points.  

    1.   Warning

    2.   Loss of house points

    3.   Loss of points and a note home in the agenda

    4.   Loss of points, a phone call home, and a chance to reflect on behavior with the teacher and/or counselor or principal

    5.   If the loss of points and reflection are not curbing the behavior, a parent conference and office referral will happen at this point.

    ·        Severe behaviors like fighting or theft will result in an immediate office referral.

    Rewards: Fuller Badges

    Students exhibiting great Fuller Family character traits will earn Fuller Badges! These students will be celebrated daily and be entered into the weekly school drawing.

    House Points

    Students will be able to earn points for their house through participation, kindness, and meeting daily expectations. At the end of each grading cycle, houses may redeem points for class rewards.


    Communication for individual students will come home on the agenda, or through a phone call or email as needed.