• You can access iStation using the information below.  Please have your student fill in their username and password.
    Dear Parent or Guardian of Bob Smith,
    Your student’s school is participating in Texas SUCCESS which provides state-funded access to interactive reading and math programs for Texas public school students in grades 3-8. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has selected Istation as the Texas SUCCESS reading provider.
    As a result, your students will now have free and unlimited access to Istation Reading at home.
    You will need the following login information for Bob Smith in order to gain access to Istation Home.
    Student's Name: Bob Smith | School/Domain: monaco.aubrey.tx | User Name: brs | Password: 123456
    The next step is to install Istation on your home computer. This is a quick and easy process. Go to www.istation.com/IstationHome/TX and follow the simple installation instructions.
    Information is also available on how to view your student's progress, access reports and other resources by logging in to the Istation parent portal. Thanks to Texas SUCCESS, your student can now continue his or her school experience at home!
    For more information about Texas SUCCESS, please visit www.texassuccess.org or call 1-877.315.4918 – toll free.