Mrs. Johnston’s Classroom Expectations



    1. Follow Directions

    2.  Be Prepared

    3.  Be Responsible

     4. Be Respectful

    5. Be Safe 

      Consequences for Undesirable Behavior/Choices


    1st   Breaking of Rule

    Verbal Warning

    2nd  Breaking of Rule

     Agenda turned in

    3rd   Breaking of Rule

    Agenda is signed

    4th   Breaking of Rule

    Phone call home and a Reflection Walk may occur during recess at teacher's discretion


    **Severity Clause**

    Some behaviors may result in an immediate office visit.


    Rewards for Positive Behavior/Choices


    • Brag Tags- Brag Tags will be awarded by me when I see amazing behaviors and brag tag worthy actions. Only I can award a brag tag and I am so excited to brag on your awesomeness this year!

    • Pony Beads - Pony beads will also be added to your brag swag for such behaviors/actions like good sportsmanship, agenda checks, as well as other things we will come up with as class during the first week of school.

    • Student of the Week - Students will get to nominate each other or themselves for Student of the Week and have their name entered in for the schoolwide Sonic Student of the Week for a Sonic giftcard.