• Be Respectful
    Show RESPECT to you teachers your classmates and Aubrey ISD employees, treat your school with respect and most importantly have RESPECT for yourself.
    Be Responsible
    Be responsible for you, handle business and make sure you Bring homework in on time.
    Be Ready 
    Have the supplies you need for class and a mind ready to learn. Be Prepared!
    Be in your seat when the bell rings working on Bell Work 
    Come to class prepared
    Always give your BEST
    Positive Attitudes 

    1st offense: Verbal warning

    2nd Offense: Reminder or Talk with the teacher & Sign the book

    3rd  offense: Parent phone call

    4th  offense: Office Referral

    5th  offense: ISS (in school suspension) or Saturday School

    6th  offense: Parent Conference

    ****If you get written up by a substitute it is an automatic Office Referral****