Rules and Procedures

  • Mrs. Muse’s Discipline Plan

    Third Grade


    My Philosophy

    • Consistent and predictable procedures and routines
    • Established rules with logical consequences
    • Mutual respect shown towards teacher, peers, and staff
    • Community in the classroom with a shared sense of purpose

    My Responsibilities as your Teacher

    • I will provide clear visual representations of my expectations
    • I will offer feedback on assignments, activities, and projects
    •  I will listen to my students and their parents and be flexible
    • I will model and show the mutual respect I want you to reciprocate
    • I will maintain an open line of communication between myself, my students, and parents

    Incentives/Rewards for Appropriate Behavior

    • Punches will be awarded by me when I see awesome behavior. Once all punches are earned a card, the student can then pick a reward and start a new punch card. 
    • Monthly Mania - Monthly Mania works with our agenda expectations. If they are written in daily, parents sign them daily (Monday-Thursday) and there are no more than 4 signatures from the teacher or missing parent signature free time will be made at the end of each month. 
    • Student of the Week - Students will get to nominate each other or themselves for Student of the Week. 


    1st   Breaking of Rule

    Verbal Warning

    2nd  Breaking of Rule

    Agenda turned in

    3rd   Breaking of Rule

    Agenda is signed/Loss of recess time with a reflection walk

    4th   Breaking of Rule

    Phone call home 


    **Severity Clause**

    Some behaviors may result in an immediate office visit.