• Rules, Consequences, and Rewards

    As in any setting in life, this classroom has rules.  Rules are kept in order to insure safety, discipline, and the maximum potential for success.  The rules for this classroom are:

    1.  Be in your assigned seat when the bell rings.

    2.  Bring all materials to class every day.

    3.  Follow all directions the first time given.

    4.  Respect all students and school personnel.

    5.  Follow all rules in the AMS student handbook.


    If a rule is broken, you will receive a warning.  If this behavior continues you will sign the disicpline log, this log goes as follows
    1st: signature (warning)
    2nd signature (call parents)
    3rd signature (call parents and recieve a detention)
    4th signature (call parents and office referal)



    Daily supplies that you will need for this class are:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       1.  Pens ot Pencil with blue or black ink   


    2.  Notes

    3. Science notebook

    5. Book

    6. Agenda



    Make-up Work Policy 

    Of course, daily class attendance is necessary to fully comprehend the class and to keepup with daily assignments.  However, when you are absent from my class, you are allowed one day for every day missed to complete the assignments.  When your eturn to class, you should:

    1.)  check the make-up calendar and copy the agenda for the day(s) you missed 

    2.)  check the folder for the day you missed for any hand-outs or worksheets I gave out   

    3.)  put your work in the “Absent Work” bin on the long counter

    **Note: This procedure is your responsibility.  Do not depend on me to get your make-up work to you.  If you do not turn in make-up work on time, you will have a zero in the grade book.   Missing assignments will be marked in Parent Portal as an “M”. Also, if we have a test or are writing an essay during your absence, it is your responsibility to schedule a time with me during Chap Team Time or after school to complete those items.
    Wild Cards
       Students will revieve 3 wild cards per 9 weeks, you may earn wild cards by turning in work, good behavior in class, helping other students ect. Wild cards can be tuned in instead of signing the book for things like not having supplies, late work, or other non behavioral acts. Students need to keep as many of their Wild Cards as possible becasue they can turn them in for a party at the end of the 9 weeks.


    Late Work Policy

    Any 0's will be given a mandatory tutorial slip to come in after school and complete the homework. If that is not served and completed in 3 days it will remain a 0 for the 9 weeks.  


    Extra Credit

    Extra credit will be given in the form of workbook pages after every test. If a student makes less then a 70 the extra credit is mandatory if they student makes above a 70 they can earn up to 10 points extra credit.



    Permiddle school policy, you are allowed two tardies each semester.  You will receive a one-hour detention for a third tardy. Subsequent tardies will result in further consequences.


    Bathroom Policy

    Students should go to the restroom during passing periods.  If you need to use the restroom during class, you will have to use a wild card.  If you have a medical condition that requires you to use the bathroom often, please have your parent contact me.



    Grades will be taken on a regular basis at least two per week


    Also, you will need to keep your agenda updated daily even when you are absent.  We will have an agenda check to keep you accountable.