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  • What is the Aubrey Education Foundation?

    AEF is a public 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to supporting excellence in education for Aubrey ISD students and teachers.

    The Aubrey Education Foundation was established in 2000, is a private non-profit corporation governed with bylaws by a Board of Directors. Voting members represent a cross-section of the Aubrey ISD community, they are completely independent of the school district. District administrators may serve as ex-officio Board members with no voting privileges.

    Who does AEF benefit?

    Students - by expanding educational opportunities.
    Teachers - by enhancing learning and teaching opportunities.
    Businesses - by nurturing an educated workforce with roots in the community.
    Communities - by building future leaders and fostering future successes.


    To support academic programs in the Aubrey Independent School System, provide rewards for excellence in academics and to encourage all students to excel in academics, including but not limited to, scholarship or tuition grants for students and teachers, sponsorship of sustaining programs, and special projects related to the curriculum.


    PO BOX 593
    AUBREY TX 76227

    Phone:  (940) 668-0073
    Email:  aubreyef@gmail.com