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Teacher Grants

    The AEF offers teacher grants for all AISD campuses. In 2019, AEF awarded a total of 13 grants, which included all five campuses, totaling $25,997. Technology and innovative grants are offered for individual classrooms and/or teams.

    Click this link for the 2021 Innovative Grant Application 

    Click this link for the 2021 Technology Grant Application 
    We have two different grant programs established for Aubrey ISD:
    1- The Innovative Teaching Grant is available to teachers, librarians and others who assist in delivering quality educational programs to students. 
    2- The Technology Grant is available to campus principals, technology staff and AISD Administration for technology that will enhance educational programs for teachers and students.
    Please contact Rhonda Brawner via email at aubreyef@gmail.com if you have questions or need assistance with the grant applications.