Aubrey ISD Police Department

  • Aubrey ISD Police Department

  • Motto:

    Dedicated to excellence, while in partnership with our schools for a safe learning environment.


    Mission Statement:

    The Aubrey ISD Police Department will always strive to provide the highest quality service in preserving human rights, lives and property, while attempting to achieve the mission goals of the department, school district and the Aubrey ISD community. In the Aubrey ISD Police Department, we are committed to the highest professional standards, working in partnership with our students, faculty, administration and citizens to problem solve and, create a safer environment, while improving the Aubrey ISD community members’ quality of life.


    Department Goals/ Vision Statement:

    • The Aubrey ISD Police Department is committed to being a police department that is proactive, involved, and sensitive to the needs of the school community.
    • The Department strives to challenge students to develop positive character traits and exhibit good citizenship and lawful behaviors.
    • The Department seeks out officers who have a customer service attitude, and are able to answer a special calling and have a passion for the work they do within our schools.
    • The Department strives to earn the respect of those we serve by providing caring, professional service and treating all persons with dignity and respect.
    • The Department is committed to school-based service and a campus/community oriented policing and problem-solving approach to school safety and security.