Professional Background and Experience

    • Fall 2010 – Student Teaching in Grandbury ISD, Kindergarten & 4th
    • Fall 2010 - Graduated from Tarleton State University with Early Childhood - 6th grade with ESL
    •  Summer 2014 - Certified in Special Education
    After graduation, I filled a long term substitute position in Kindergarten at Pilot Point. I then received a position in the Pilot Point daycare as the teacher for the 2-4 year old class.
    • Fall 2012 - I began working for Aubrey ISD at Early Bird Learning Center teaching the Tuition-Based Pre-K as the lead teacher.
    • Fall 2013 - I moved over to Monaco Elementary to fill the Technology Class temporarily.
    • Fall 2014 - I moved back to Early Bird and received the Public Pre-K class.