• Chevron Green Tan Chevron Background Star StickerMrs. Summerville's Pre-K Schedule Chevron Green Tan Chevron Background Star Sticker

     Note: Small Group/Big Experiences throughout the day are 20 minute mini lessons introducing/reviewing concept skills such as: language, social studies, math, science, social skills, writing, fine motor, reading, and comprehension. 

    AM Class Schedule 

    7:30-8:00 Arrival/Breakfast

    8:00-8:10 Bathroom Break

    8:10-8:20 Name Check In/Bellwork/Music

    8:20-8:40 Pledge/Greeting/Calendar/Weather Big Experience 1

    8:40-9:00 Story/Language/Math Large Group Big Experience 2

    9:00-10:00 Learning Centers/Bathroom Break/Small Group

    10:00-10:20 Social Studies/Science/Big Experience 3

    10:20-10:30 Pack Up/Snack Time (Technology-Book/Concept)

    10:30-11:00 Recess

    11:00 Dismissal (Bus Riders will be ready by 10:50 for bus loading)

    PM Class Schedule 

     11:50-12:30 Arrival/Lunch

    12:30-12:40 Bathroom Break

    12:40-12:50 Name Check In/Bellwork/Music

    12:50-1:10 Pledge/Greeting/Calendar/Weather Big Experience 1

    1:10-1:30 Story/Language/Math Large Group Big Experience 2

    1:30-2:30 Learning Centers/Bathroom Break/Small Group

    2:30-2:50 Social Studies/Science/Big Experience 3

    2:50-3:00 Pack Up/Snack Time (Technology-Book/Concept)

    3:00-3:30 Recess

    3:30 Dismissal (Bus Riders Will Be Ready by 3:20 for Bus Loading)