• Coach Perkins






    Grade:  The grade in this class will be derived using the following:  Daily work will count as 50%, and Tests will comprise 50% of the grade.   All assignments not designated as tests will be daily work.  Quizzes are daily work.   Any special projects or writing assignments will be graded as Tests.  Students may expect 10-12 daily grades and 2 test grades per grading period.


    Retesting:  If a student makes below a 70 on a test grade, he may retake the assignment for a maximum of 70



    Classroom procedure:  The program for each day will be essentially the same.  First, we will grade and discuss the work from the previous lesson.  Then, students will take a quiz over that material.  Following that, new information will be presented and discussed.  Finally, a homework assignment will be given.  This happens pretty much EVERY day. 

    No late work is accepted no matter how good the story may be.


    Book and Materials:  This is school.  Bring your school stuff.  You are expected to bring your textbook to each class period and any and all materials necessary to complete a written assignment.  That’s one man’s way of saying bring something to write with and something to write on.


    Tardy/Attendance:   It is very important that you be here to be successful.  Any assignments missed should be made up within the same time period the student was absent.  A student is considered tardy if I have shut the class door, and he is outside of the classroom.


    Behavioral Expectations:   All students are expected to dress and behave within the confines of the district and campus student code of conduct.


      We have much to cover and a short time to do it in order to be prepared for the Spring’s End of Course/STAAR test.  You are expected to conduct yourself appropriately.  Each student in class deserves to be treated respectfully.   Good manners are expected.


      Any student whose behavior prevents normal classroom procedure from occurring will be sent to the office.  You will be given a minimum of 3 days ISS.  I don’t do detention.


    Technology:  Cell phone/tablet/ipod/iwatch (or any like devices)  use is prohibited in the classroom, unless otherwise indicated by me.