• All assignments are done in class at this time. Students will have outside of class work if they are absent or can't keep up with classroom pace. 
    The following are "plans" and are subject to change: Please click on the link to see the plan for each unit.
    Below are plans for the next two weeks.  The corresponding TEKS associated with them are listed.  The objectives for each are then shown.
    10/19: 7.1/7.2  The Presidency
    10/20: 7.2 Quiz
    10/21: 7.3:  Consitutional Presidency
    10/22:  Video Activity:   Daily Life of Immigrants i
    10/25:  7.3 Quiz
    10/26:  8.1:   The Federal Court System
    10/27: 8.1 Quiz
    10/28: 8.2/8.3:  Supreme Court
    10/29: Unit Review
    11/01;  Unit Test