• Accountability Ratings

    Accountability Manual is a technical resource that explains the accountability system used by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to evaluate the performance of public school districts and campuses. The manual provides details of the accountability system, including ratings, academic achievement distinction designations, safeguards, and special issues. Districts and campuses can also find the information necessary to compute ratings and distinction designations.

    2017 Accountability Ratings
    AMS Rating 
    BES Rating 

    2015 Accountability Ratings


    To meet state statutory requirements, the accountability system must assign ratings that

    designate acceptable and unacceptable performance for campuses and districts. Districts and

    campuses are assigned a rating that is based on meeting a target for each performance index.


    Met Standard Acceptable rating assigned to districts and campuses that meet the target on

    all indexes for which it has performance data in 2014. This rating applies to campuses

    serving grades prekindergarten (PK) through 12 (including campuses with assessment data

    due to pairing).

    Met Alternative Standard Acceptable rating assigned to charter operators and alternative

    education campuses (AECs) that are evaluated by alternative education accountability

    (AEA) provisions and meet modified targets on all performance indexes for which they have

    performance data in 2014.

    Improvement Required Unacceptable rating assigned to districts, campuses, charter

    operators, and alternative education campuses (AECs) that miss the target on one or more

    performance indexes.

    Not Rated Indicates that a district or campus is not rated for one of the following reasons:

    The district or campus serves only students enrolled in Early Education (EE);

    The district or campus has no data in the accountability subset;

    The district or campus has insufficient data to rate through Small Numbers Analysis;

    The campus is a Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program (JJAEP);

    The campus is a Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DAEP);

    The campus is a residential facility;

    The district operates only residential facilities; or

    The district or campus faces unusual circumstances (e.g., test documents lost in


    Not Rated: Data Integrity Issues Indicates that data accuracy and/or integrity have

    compromised performance results, making it impossible to assign a rating. The assignment

    of a Not Rated: Data Integrity Issues label may be permanent or temporary pending further