• Credit Recovery Options at Aubrey High School 

    If a student has failed to earn credit for a course by making below a 70 for the year, there are several options to recover these credits needed for graduation from Aubrey High School. 

Options for Recovering Credit

  • High School students have three options for recovering credit:

    1. AHS Summer School

    2. Re-enroll in the course

    3. Credit Recovery Program 

    3. Correspondence Course through Texas Tech University ISD

Summer of 2022 Credit Recovery Options

  • Aubrey High School Summer School (June 6-June 30)

  • Re-Enroll

  • Credit Recovery Program

  •  Correspondence Course through Texas Tech University ISD

  • IMPORTANT POLICY REMINDER:  If a student has failed for the year with a grade below 70, they may be able to take only 1 semester to recover credit for the year.  AISD supports a policy that states if the average of Semester 1 and Semester 2 equals to 70 or above, the student will earn the 1.0 credit.

    Questions:  Contact AHS Summer School Principal, Nathan Smith at nsmith@aubreyisd.net.

    Credit questions:  sholloway@aubreyisd.net (10/11) or lgriffin@aubreyisd.net (9)