• Credit Recovery Options at Aubrey High School - Summer 2021

    If a student has failed to earn credit for a course by making below a 70 for the year, there are several options to recover these credits needed for graduation from Aubrey High School. - Click link for more information

Options for Recovering Credit

  • High School students have three options for recovering credit:

    1. Summer School

    2. Credit by Exam

    3. Correspondence Course

  • Credit by Exam (K-12 CBE)

    Acceleration Program:

    CBE can be taken to receive credit in classes the student had NO PRIOR instruction. The test(s) are at no expense to the parent/student. The student MUST receive a grade of 80% or higher to receive credit.

    Alternative plan for earning credit:

    In accordance with local policy, a student in any of grades 6–12 may be given credit for an academic subject in which he or she had some prior instruction, if the student scores 70 percent on a criterion-referenced test for the applicable course.

    Please view Aubrey ISD policy if you have further questions about CBE.

    Click the link here to show courses available

    If you are interested in CBE, please see make an appointment to speak with the school counselor to see if this would be a good option for you!



    Correspondence Courses (K-12 Courses)


    Correspondence Courses Credit toward state graduation requirements may be granted for correspondence courses only under the following conditions:

    1. The institution offering the course is Texas Tech University approved by the commissioner of education.

    2. The correspondence course includes the state-required TEKS for such a course.

    3. Aubrey ISD students may earn a maximum of 2 state-required credits through correspondence courses and may be enrolled in only one correspondence course at a time.

    •  Grades earned for taking correspondence courses shall not be computed for determining class rank and are not calculated in GPA.
    •  Seniors enrolled in a correspondence course must complete the course and submit the grade at least thirty days prior to the date of graduation.
    •  The superintendent or designee may exercise discretion in waiving limitations on an individual basis.


    Correspondence Course Information

    Texas Tech University



    Current AISD Policy states that no more than 2.0 credits may be earned through correspondence courses or with principal approval.

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