Rules and Procedures

  • Mrs. Bleemel’s Classroom Expectations


    Be There: Come to school prepared to work hard.  Be respectful of others and responsible for your actions.

    Choose Your Attitude: Maintain a positive attitude and encourage one another.

    Make Their Day: Be thoughtful and kind to one another.

    Play: Be creative; accept new challenges with a positive attitude.  You can do ANYTHING! 


    Consequences for Undesirable Behavior/Choices 


    1st Breaking of Rule

    Verbal Warning

    2nd Breaking of Rule

    Chance chip removed and/or Agenda turned in

    3rd Breaking of Rule

    Agenda is signed 

    4th Breaking of Rule

    Phone call home and a Reflection Walk may occur during recess at teacher's discretion

    **Severity Clause**
    Some behaviors may result in an immediate office visit.

    Rewards for Positive Behavior/Choices 


    • Brag Tags- Brag Tags will be awarded by me when I see amazing behaviors and brag tag worthy actions. Only I can award a brag tag and I am so excited to brag on your awesomeness this year!
    • Pony Beads - Pony beads will also be added to your brag swag for such behaviors/actions like good sportsmanship, agenda checks, as well as other things we will come up with as class during the first week of school. 
    • Student of the Week - Students will get to nominate each other or themselves for Student of the Week. Student of the Week will get to have Pete the Perch all week on their desk, have a spotlight in our weekly newsletter, and have their name entered in for the schoolwide Sonic Student of the Week for a Sonic giftcard.