• Week of 8/19-9/23


    Mon- Discuss Texas Flag/ Create your own

    Tues- Chapter 1&2 Foldable

    Wed- Finish Chapter 1&2 Vocabulary words

    Thurs- Discuss Regions of Texas and Map the Texas Rivers

    Fri- Begin Texas Indian Groups discussion and Research. 


    Week of 8/25-8/30


    Mon- Continued research over native Texas Indian Tribes. (Google Classroom)

    Tues- Quiz on Chapter 1&2 vocabulary on Quiz Star. Complete research on Texas Indian Tribes

    Wed- Computer lab to begin the Histogram Project

    Thurs- Continue Histogram Project.

    Fri- Begin Construction of Histogram Project


    Week of 9/3-9/6


    Tues- Finish Construction of Histogram Project (Poster Due)

    Wed- Gallery Walk of Histogram Project (Notebook entry)

    Thurs- Begin Unit 1 Review (Google Classroom)

    Fri- Finish Unit 1 Review


    Week of 9/9- 9/13


    Mon- Class Review of Unit 1

    Tues- Unit 1 Test (Quiz Star online)

    Wed- Unit 1 closure/reteach/video

    Thurs- Unit II Intro to Explorers

    Fri- Explore AMS


    Week of 9/16- 9/20

    Mon- Notes over Spanish Explorers (Google Classroom)

    Tues- Finish Notes on Spanish Explorers (Google Classroom)

    Wed- Spanish Missions

    Thurs- Finish Spanish Missions Discussion

    Friday- Begin Blueprints on Spanish Missions


    Week of 9/23 - 9/27

    Mon- Blueprints for Spanish Missions

    Tues- Finish Blueprints and start Construction 

    Wed- Spanish Missions Construction Complete

    Thurs- Review Unit 2

    Fri- Review Unit 2


    Week of 9/30 - 10/4

    Mon- Unit 2 Test

    Tues- Vocabulary Chapter 7 (Foldable)

    Wed- Louisiana Purchase Cornell Notes

    Thurs- Vocabulary Chapter 8 Frayer Model

    Fri- Finish Vocabulary Chapter 8 Frayer Model

    Week of 10/8 - 10/12

    Mon- off

    Tues- Cornell Notes Moses Austin and Stephen F. Austin

    Wed- Gone to Texas Point System Document

    Thurs- Old 300 Letters

    Fri- Chapter 8 Vocab Quiz/ Finish reading Old 300 letters


    Week of 10/14 - 10/18

    Mon- Read 300 letters fill out graphic organizer

    Tues- Finish 300 letters

    Wed- Write their own 300 letters

    Thurs- Chapter 10 Vocab option

    Fri- "Come to Texas" Broadside


    Week of 10/21 - 10/25

    Mon- finish "Come to Texas" Broadside

    Tues- Cornell Notes Chapter 9/10

    Wed- Chapter 10 Vocab Quiz

    Thurs- Computer Research 1800's Project

    Fri- Computer Research 1800' Project


    Week of 10/28 - 11/1

    Monday - Friday Construction of 1800 project.


    Week of 11/4 - 11/8

    Mon- Presentation of Projects

    Tues- Chapter 10 information to include in Comic Timeline

    Wed- Chapter 10 timeline information

    Thurs- Chapter 10 timeline

    Fri- Rough draft of timeline


    Week of 11/11 - 11/15

    Monday - Friday Comic Strip Powtoon for a test grade


    Week of 11/18 - 11/22

    Mon- Alamo DBQ Hook and background information (Hand out Alamo Movie Permission slip)

    Tues- Alamo DBQ Document A, B

    Wed- Alamo DBQ Documents C, D, E

    Thurs- Alamo DBQ Essay

    Fri- Alamo DBQ Essay


    Week of 11/25 - 11/39

    Thanksgiving Break


    Week of 12/2 - 12/6

    Mon- DBQ wrap- up (Alamo Movie Permission Slip Due)

    Tues- How Hollywood does history Alamo

    Wed- Alamo Movie

    Thurs- Alamo Movie

    Fri- Alamo Movie


    Week of 12/9 - 12/13

    Mon- Teaming and Plan phase of final project

    Tues- Launch Games from the Library

    Wed- Research on Computer

    Thurs- Construction of final project

    Fri- Construction of final project


    Week of 12/6 - 12/20

    Finals week, board Games due.


    Week of 1/6 - 1/10

    Mon- Staff Workday

    Tues- Notebook Table of Contents/ Vocab Chapter 12

    Wed- Houston vs. Lamar T - Chart

    Thurs- Begin Campaign Posters

    Fri- Continue Campaign Posters


    Week of 1/13 -1/17

    Mon- STAAR BENCHMARK- Finish Campaign Poster

    Tues-STAAR BENCHMARK- Reading

    Wed-Debate Script Houston vs. Lamar

    Thurs-Houston vs. Lamar Debate

    Fri- Houston vs. Lamar Quiz


    Week of 1/20 -1/24

    Mon- MLK Day

    Tues- Sam Houston DBQ (Background/Hook)

    Wed- Sam Houston DBQ (Document A & B)

    Thurs- Sam Houston DBQ (Document C & D)

    Fri- Sam Houston DBQ (Writing Assignment on Google Doc)


    Week of 1/27 -1/31


    Tues- STAAR BENCHMARK- Reading

    Wed- STAAR Benchmark- Rotations

    Thurs- STAAR Benchmark- Finish DBQ / Extra Credit

    Fri- Finish DBQ Writing Assignment / Begin Chapter 13 Vocab


    Week of 2/3 -2/7

    Mon- Mier Expedition Questioning/Discussion 

    Tues-Chapter 13 Vocab / Life in the Republic Notes

    Wed- Chapter 13 w.s / Vocab / Life in the Republic Notes cont.

    Thurs-Manifest Destiny Painting by John Gist Questions

    Fri- My Manifest Destiny Drawing


    Week of 2/8 -2/12

    Mon- My manifest Destiny Drawing Cont.

    Tues-  Gallery Walk with Sticky (Warm/Cool Feedback)

    Wed- Foldable Chapter 16,17,18 (Complete on chapter 16 words)

    Thurs- Mexican/American War Video Pt 1-3

    Fri-Mexican/American War Video Pt 4-6 (Film post write)


    Week of 2/15 -2/19

    Mon- Student Holiday

    Tues- Civil War Cornell Notes / History Channel (Cotton Gin) Quiz Friday Ch. 18 Vocab

    Wed- Finish Civil War Notes / History Channel Ft. Sumpter, and Sabine Pass

    Thurs-Begin Civil War Tic-Tac-Toe Project

    Fri-Quizstar Chapter 18 Vocab (Continue Project)


    Week of 2/22 -2/26

    Mon- Tic-Tac-Toe Project

    Tues-Tic-Tac-Toe Project

    Wed-Tic-Tac-Toe Project

    Thurs-Tic-Tac-Toe Project

    Fri- (Glazier Clinics) Reconstruction Notes into Notebook


    Week of 3/1 -3/75

    Mon- Unit 6 PPT fill in Notes Google Classroom

    Tues-Unit 6 PPT fill in Notes Google Classroom

    Wed-Unit 6 PPT fill in Notes Google Classroom / Class discussion

    Thurs- Reconstruction Video Quiz. 

    Fri- Staff Development


    Week of 3/8 -3/12

    Mon- Spring Break

    Tues-Spring Break

    Wed-Spring Break

    Thurs-Spring Break

    Fri-Spring Break


    Week of 3/15 -3/29

    Mon- Vocabulary List Handout 

    Tues-Cattle Kingdom Notes PPt/Notes in Google Classroom

    Wed- Finish Cattle Kingdom Notes / Study using Quizlet

    Thurs- Quiz on Vocab / Cattle Branding Lesson

    Fri- Barbed Wire out of Foil


    Week of 3/22 -3/26

    Mon- Cattle Video

    Tues-Railroad video (21 min) and Discuss

    Wed- Chapter 20/21 Vocab

    Thurs-Chapter 20/21 Vocab

    Fri-Beginning Chapter 21 worksheets (5 grades)


    Week of 3/29 -4/2

    Mon- Chapter 21 worksheets (5 grades)

    Tues-Finish Chapter 21 Worksheets (5 grades)

    Wed-Grade and discuss worksheets (Wrap up oil discussion)

    Thurs-Chapter 23 words in notebook (quiz Wed)

    Fri- Ketchup Day


    Week of 4/5 -4/9

    Mon- Introduction and Discussion Chapter 23 

    Tues- STAAR 8th Grade  ??- Begin Oil PPT question and discuss Project

    Wed- Quiz Chapter 23 Vocab 

    Thurs- Introduction chapter 30 Draw flow chart House/Senate becoming a Law

    Fri-Bad Weather Day


    Week of 4/12 -4/16

    Mon- Bad Weather Day

    Tues-Set up Powtoon, Discuss Bills becoming a Law 

    Wed- Powtoon Law

    Thurs- Powtoon Law

    Fri- Powtoon Law


    Week of 4/19 -4/23

    Mon- Powtoon to Illustrate page 646

    Tues- Powtoon to Illustrate Page 646

    Wed- Powtoon to Illustrate page 646

    Thurs-Turn in Powtoon illustration and watch with the class.

    Fri- Turn in Powtoon illustration and watch with the class.


    Week of 4/26 - 4/30

    Mon- Handout of school bill to Law Brainstorm

    Tues- Outline Bill and create Poster Board

    Wed-Complete draft and finish poster

    Thurs- Final draft of Project

    Fri- Group Presentations in class of their Law


    Week of 5/3 -5/7

    Mon- Present Bill

    Tues- WWII Documentary

    Wed- Complete handout on WWII

    Thurs- Hidden Figures Video

    Fri- Hidden Figures Vieo


    Week of 5/10 -5/14

    Mon- Finish Video

    Tues- STAAR

    Wed- STAAR

    Thurs- Begin Final Review

    Fri- Finsih Review


    Week of 5/17-5/21

    Mon- Type Reveiw and turn it in.

    Tues-Finsih Review and turn in. 

    Wed- Kahoot Review  

    Thurs- Review game in class.  

    Fri-Kahoot Review


    Week of 5/24 -5/226

    Mon- Exam 1,3,5,7

    Tues-Exam 2,4

    Wed- Exam 6,8

    Thurs-Summer Time

    Fri-Summer Time