Interactive Learning With Technology

Interactive Learning Websites

  • Interactive Websites - Listed below are a variety of free websites your child can enjoy learning math and reading.


    •  Starfall- Children can learn about their letters and sounds, simple phonics and interactive stories with word families.


    •  Mighty Books- There are 50 free activities on this website without registering. helps children learn how to read with stories through the use of songs, jokes, interactive games and much more.


    •  Literacy Center- this site offers literacy content in 4 different languages. The parents and teachers sections are divided by colors, letters, shapes writing and words. The interactive play and learn section is divided by upper and lowercase letters, writing, keyboarding, shapes and much more.


    • Learning Reading - Their are 4 different age group sections: babies and toddlers (stories, lullabies and more), Preschoolers (sing-a-long videos, coloring and wildlife exploration), and grown ups (offers advice and how to encourage literacy in your child).


    • Literacy Active - This site provides interactive and downloadable materials up to 1st grade. Some activities are available in Spanish as well. The site has leveled readers and activities to follow along with the readers. They also have a program called "the road to reading phonics." Children learn letter shapes, sounds, CVC words and vowels.


    • Adapted Mind - This site offers grade level material on reading and math from 1st to 8th grade. They are updating it often with new material. This is a super fun interactive learning site. My students have a log in to get into. This site also shows progress or needs of the student in the different academic learning areas.


    • Roy the Zebra - this site is for emerging readers. It provides reading games, guided reading stories, songs and much much more. Some of the other activities also include letter skills, vowel phonemes and consonants.


    • Reading Bear - this site introduces the rules of phonics and decoding words to become a better reader. Sign up for free.