Outdoor Classroom (BELLA)

  • Students learning In the Outdoor Classroom


    The Brockett Environmental Learning Lab Area (BELLA) was started by a group of teachers who had a vision for a hands-on outdoor place for Brockett students to enjoy. The group went to businesses around the area and asked for donations for the Outdoor Classroom.

    We had a pond and koi fish donated by a local company called Backyard Concepts and then had the garden beds donated by Home Depot. The Boy Scouts of America helped to organize our garden shed.

    Throughout the years many families have helped to take care of BELLA. It is used for all content areas, but especially for hands-on-science lessons. With butterfly-friendly plants and an apple, pear, and fig tree as well as grapes and blackberries, students learn about the life cycles of plants and butterflies.

    The pond has been host to the life cycle of a frog. Students also use the picnic tables to write and draw things in BELLA, because it is a beautiful and relaxing place to learn. 

    Kaylee's Corner is an area of BELLA that was formed in memory of our beautiful student, Kaylee Kampschroeder, who passed away after a biking accident. A local parent donated the lumber and plants to make a lovely butterfly garden in her memory.