District Growth

  • Aubrey ISD is anticipated to grow by an additional 800 students in the next five years and by more than 2,000 students in the next 10 years, an 85 percent increase. Growth projections show that the District’s existing elementary schools will be over functional capacity by the 2019-2020 school year.

    More than 60 percent of the November 2017 bond is designated to address the increase in student enrollment projected over the next five years.

    New housing developments are contributing to growth in Aubrey ISD. The District had more than 500 home sales in 2016 and approximately 18 percent were new homes. There are currently more than 150 lots available to build on with approximately 3,700 planned future lots.


    Grade Realigment

    The new elementary school and classroom additions proposed would allow 5th grade to be moved back to the elementary level and increase capacity at the middle school. If 5th grade remains at the middle school, it will be over functional capacity by the 2018-19 school year according to enrollment projections. 

    The Early Bird Learning Center (EBLC) is currently in the District’s Administration building. The Facilities Planning Committee recommended moving Pre-K from the EBLC to the new elementary school due to the age and condition of the building. The Administration building is 50 years old and is at the end of its expected lifecycle.