• Aubrey High School Beta Club Membership By-Laws

    Aubrey High School Beta Club is a community service-based honor club. Members are invited yearly based on grades and service to the community.

    Member in Good Standing

    To be considered a member in good standing, the member must:

    • maintain grades 

    • have all service hours up-to-date 

    • not be on probation 

    Members not in good standing will be prohibited from participating in club activities unless prior permission is granted by the Club sponsor.

    • If a member has been placed on probation, the member cannot participate in club activities for a period not to exceed a nine-weeks grading period. Once the probation matter has been resolved and the member is in good standing in all other areas, they can participate in all club activities. If at the end of the probation period, the member is not in good standing, a committee consisting of the sponsor, principal or assistant principal, and a classroom teacher will determine if the member is reinstated or if the membership is revoked. In the event of revoked membership, there will be no refund of membership dues.
    • Meets all standards set by the National Beta Club. 

    • Active Member
    • To be considered an active member, the member must:
    • Be current in all dues
    • Actively participate in club activities and meetings.
    • Participate in community service hours/projects


    Membership Criteria


    To qualify for membership in the Beta Club, a student must have a grade point average (GPA) equal to or greater than 3.400 (without rounding) for classes taken in grades nine through twelve in the school year starting 2016-17. Membership invitations are offered at the beginning of the year based on their previous year’s GPAs.

    Freshman students that were Jr. Beta members will be invited as Beta members after a grade review from their 8th grade year.

    Students new to Aubrey High School in grades nine – twelve will be eligible for membership after the spring semester.

    A student must maintain a GPA of 3.300 to retain membership.

    A failing grade at a nine-week grading period automatically revokes the club membership. State law mandates that all students must be passing all subjects to compete in extracurricular activities. Each member must remain eligible at all times.


    Service Hours

    Members of the Aubrey High School Beta Club will complete community service hours as designated by the Beta sponsor. Service hours must be turned in by the designated date to maintain membership in good standing. Service hours completed during the summer months can be counted toward the next academic year.


    Members that give service through the school as officers of clubs/organizations will receive community service credit.


    Members of the Aubrey High School Beta Club will assist in the Club’s designated community service project(s).

    Attend Meetings Regularly

    Members of the Aubrey High School Beta Club will be required to attend monthly meetings. A member of the Aubrey High School Beta Club may be dropped from a membership if he/she is absent without a justifiable reason from 3 regular consecutive meetings.

    School Activity

    Beta members should be active citizens in the community as well as at school. Members are encourage to be active members of clubs or organizations offered on campus.


    Beta Club members should be able to discipline themselves to behave in an appropriate manner at all times. As an AHS Beta Club member, no office referrals are allowed. If a behavioral office referral is issued, a committee consisting of the sponsor, Principal or Assistant Principal, and one classroom teacher will determine if the member is placed on probation for a period of six weeks.

    An assignment to DAEP or ISS will terminate AHS Beta membership without exception.


    Integrity is defined as firm adherence to a code or creed. As a Beta Club member, members are to endeavor to live by the Beta Club Creed.

    “As a member of the Beta Club and as a citizen of my community, state, and nation, I believe in and shall strive to promote the principles of: Honesty, Justice, Service, Cooperation, Responsibility, Industriousness, Humility, and Charity.”

    Beta Competition

    Beta members are encouraged to actively enter and/or participate in a Beta events either for a local or state competition.


    Senior Stoles

    To receive a stole for graduation, students in grade twelve must be an active member in good standing.


    Beta Chapter Officers

    To be eligible to run for a Beta Club leadership position, a member must have been an active member of the Beta Club for one year and be a member in good standing by meeting all membership criteria. The following are required of all leadership positions:

    • Help sponsor as requested
    • Conduct Beta meetings
    • Help plan activities for the club
    • Participate in all scheduled meetings and activities (unless 24-hour notification is given to the sponsor)
    • Represent the AHS Beta chapter at school and community events
    • Participate and attend the Beta Club’s State Convention.

    The officers of this chapter of National Senior Beta Club shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

    The duties of the President shall be to preside at the meetings; to appoint the committees of the chapter (unless otherwise provided for in the by-laws); to represent this organization when necessary; and to administer the policies as laid down in this constitution and its by-laws.

    The duties of the Vice-President shall be to preside at meetings when the president is absent or incapacitated to perform the duties of the office, and to assist in administering the affairs of the chapter – serving on such committees as are designated in the by-laws.

    The duties of the Secretary shall be to keep the records of membership; to record the minutes of the meetings; to carry on the necessary club correspondence; read minutes of previous meeting; look after publicity of the organization;

    The duties of the Treasurer shall be to keep a complete record of all financial matters pertaining to this organization; to collect and preserve the club’s funds; and to pass on to the treasurer succeeding him all records and funds remaining in the treasury.

    The duties of the Class Representatives will be to represent their class and serve on committees.