Download the Aubrey I.S.D. Mobile App
  • View district news
  • View calendars
  • Receive important alerts
  • Find sport schedules
  • View grades and attendance
  • How do I install the Aubrey ISD mobile app?

    Android Device:
    1. Visit the Google Play Store

    2. Search for “Aubrey I.S.D.”

    3. Follow the directions on the screen to install app

    Apple Device:
    1. Visit the Apple App Store

    2. Search for “Aubrey I.S.D.”

    3. Follow the directions on the screen to install app

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  • How much does the Aubrey ISD mobile app cost to download?

    The Aubrey ISD mobile app is free to download. 

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  • What information on my student will I be able to see in the APS Mobile App? 

    You will be able to see your student’s:

    • Class schedule - showing the class subject and teacher (depending on whether your child is in elementary, middle or high school.)
    • Grades – under class schedule you will also be able to see your student's current grade in each class 
    • Attendance - you will be able to see your student's absences
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  • How do I log into the APS Mobile App to see my student’s information?

    If you have a child at Aubrey ISD, you will be able to view your child's classes, grades and attendance within the app. Please email to receive a login and password. This student information is similar to Parent Portal but requires its own separate login. This is a different system to access your student's information.

    Click on the student info icon, and once you are logged in you will see your child's name displayed.

    • Click on the icon with your child's name.
    • To view grades click on "Classes". You will see the grades on the right hand side
    • To view specific assignments and grades for those assignments, select a class.


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  • What if I have more than one student enrolled at Aubrey ISD? Will I be able to see information on all of my students in the app?

    Yes, you will be able to see all of your children's information. After you log into the Student Info module, you will see icons for each student with their name.

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  • What if I Have Multiple Students at the District? Do I Need Two Logins?

    If you have more than one student at Aubrey ISD, you should receive the same username and password for the student information area for all your children. If you have received multiple logins or can only see one child, please contact Amy Ruggini at If parents' information (name, address, email) is not the same for each child, multiple accounts will be created for the parent. The accounts can be merged so parents have one login for multiple children. 

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  • How do I change the language of my Aubrey ISD mobile app?

    The Aubrey ISD mobile app has 65 languages to choose from. Open your app, select the Settings icon, go to Select Language and choose a language. 

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  • The APS Mobile App is not working correctly. What should I do?

    Try updating the app or deleting it and reinstalling it. 

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  • What should I do if I click an icon within the Aubrey ISD mobile app and no information appears?

    Have you selected your preferences for that module? If not, try clicking the “gear” or "grid" icon in the top, right-hand corner and make your selections from there. 

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  • What if I have other questions?

    If you have other questions that haven’t been addressed here, please feel free to contact Amy Ruggini, web and communications specialist, at

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