Selection Committee

  • Committees Operating Policies & Amendment ProceduresChaparral Elite


    1. The sole purpose of this Committee for the Chaparral Elite is to aid with the establishment and administration of the Chaparral Elite.  It may be amended at any time with the agreement of a  majority decision of the voting members of the Aubrey Education Foundation Board of Directors.

    2. Selection of nominees into the Chaparral Elite shall be determined by a sufficient consensus  of 75% or more by the voting members.  Voting for induction shall be conducted by ballot.

    3. Records and documents of proceedings and business shall be kept by the  AEF Executive Director.  Vital records, such as inductee lists, dates of induction, business records, financial transactions, decisions regarding ceremony dates, sites, etc. shall be recorded by the secretary (selected & appointed at meetings of the SC).  


    Chaparral Elite Selection Committee Responsibilities:

    Induction into the Chaparral Elite shall be determined by a Selection Committee (referred toin this document as “SC” chosen from members of the Aubrey Education Foundation, Aubrey ISD Leadership and others deemed to be qualified and interested in both Aubrey ISD, Aubrey  High School and the Chaparral Elite.  The SC will perform the task of soliciting nominations for selection into the Elite as well as the actual selection of nominees for induction.  The SC will also assume responsibility for the physical establishment of the Chaparral Elite as well as its maintenance.The Aubrey Education Foundation will provide sufficient financial support to conduct various induction ceremonies and plaques.


    Selection Committee Composition:

    The Chaparral Elite SC shall be comprised of the following voting members:                     

    From Aubrey Education Foundation:

    - Committee Chair

    - Member (5)


    From Aubrey ISD Staff:

    - AISD Superintendent

    - AHS Principal


    Further, the SC will solicit non-voting input from others within the AISD community to include but not limited to:  School Principals and Assistant Principals, AISD Athletic Director, AISD Guidance Counselors, citizens, etc. 

    Voting members of the SC shall serve a two-year term, after which they may resign or volunteer for an additional term or terms.

    Selection to the Chaparral Elite by the SC shall be determined by a fair and equitable nominating process, a thorough examination of credentials by the SC and by means of a thoughtful considerate and open-minded process. Voting members are reminded that the Chaparral Elite strives to present a diverse, balanced population of inductees. The various categories recognize different achievements by individuals performing in vastly different ways.