Membership Categories


    Chaparral EliteChaparral Elite

    Note:  The Chaparral Elite may be referenced as “The Elite ” in this document.

     A.  Categories of Selection

    I. Graduates/Students:

    Individuals who attended Aubrey ISD and those who have graduated from AHS make up this category. This category focuses upon successful achievement after high school in areas such as governmental service, business and economic achievement.  Additionally, success in the fields of entertainment, music, drama and sports will be considered as well as other noteworthy postgraduate achievements.

    II. Military Service Veterans:

     Individuals, who served in the U.S. Armed Forces including the U.S. Coast Guard, were honorably discharged and attended Aubrey ISD, who graduated from AHS, who worked for Aubrey ISD in any capacity, or who served Aubrey ISD on the school board or other capacity make up this category.

    III. Faculty:

    This category includes individuals who have been on the teaching faculty at Aubrey ISD including teachers, guidance counselors and other certified officials or the Aubrey ISD teaching/counseling faculty.  Criteria the Selection Committee (SC) will consider regarding selection of nominees will include leadership of faculty affairs, achievement and contributions: in the classroom, in speech and drama supervision, music performance, athletic coaching and extracurricular activities which enhanced Aubrey’s standing in the area, state and nation. Nominees from this category must have been associated with Aubrey ISD for at least five years.

     IV Staff:

    The purpose of this category is to recognize individuals who have served Aubrey ISD outside of the teaching/counseling faculty.  It will include members of the school instructional aides, clerical staff, the custodial staff, athletic coaches not on the teaching faculty, transportation, maintenance, and cafeteria staff.  These nominees must have been associated with Aubrey ISD for at least five years.

    V.  Administrators:

     Nominees in this category will come from the administrative leadership positions such as but not limited to Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Principal, Assistant Principal, Athletic Director, Chief Financial Officer, Director of Maintenance, Director of Transportation, Director of Custodial, and Director of Food Service.  To be nominated for this category, an individual must have served Aubrey ISD for at least five years.

    VI.  Friends of Aubrey ISD:

    This category is included to recognize individuals who have made exemplary contributions to Aubrey ISD, but do not fit the qualifications outlined in the preceding categories. This category could include school board members, parents, community members or other individuals, or groups who have provided Aubrey ISD with invaluable service.


    VII.      Special Considerations:

     The Aubrey Education Foundation (AEF) authorizes the Selection Committee (SC) to consider for induction individuals who do not precisely fit the qualifications described in Categories I-VI.  Reason for special consideration could include incapacitation before the required period of time, death or unplanned changes requiring assistance to family or friends.  Other reasons will be considered as special circumstances demand.

    B. Guiding Principles of the Chaparral Elite Selection Process:


    1. The selection process of the Elite shall be conducted annually with formal induction ceremonies held during the AEF Annual Evening for Education and during the falling Homecoming game. Selection meetings by the SC will be held each fall/summer with December 31 being the deadline for submissions.

    2. The inaugural class for the Elite will be larger than succeeding classes to allow for the inclusion of worthy individuals.  After the Elite is established, the SC shall strive to select classes of not less than 2 new inductees nor larger than 6 inductees.  (For purposes of display, an even number of new inductees is preferred.)

    3. The preferred slate of induction formalities includes an induction ceremony in which the inductees may speak in acceptance of the honor, as well as recognition at an  official Aubrey school activity.

    4. Recognition plaques will be installed at Aubrey High School (AHS) and a separate plaque shall be presented to each inductee.  Plaques to be installed at AHS will include a picture of the recipient and a description of the role and contribution of the honoree to Aubrey ISD.

    5. In the selection of deserving inductees, the nomination process is vital. Nominations shall be provided by persons familiar with the individual and with the particular qualifications of the nominee’s contributions and accomplishments.  Those who nominate are requested to gather and provide substantial evidence of the nominee’s “special worthiness.”  As much of this evidence is subjective; nominators are encouraged to document this evidence through a number of sources.

    6. The individual members of the SC are encouraged to spend additional time outside  the formal Chaparral Elite meetings to ascertain and validate the credentials of nominees. The selection to the Elite shall be determined on a basis beyond the meeting of the years requirement.  Selectors and nominators should seek evidence of selfless contributions and/or a role in the betterment of a facet of the Aubrey ISD culture, spirit, traditions, stature and/or prestige.

    7. Complete nominations shall remain active for a period of two years.  Should the  nominee not be selected, a new nomination may be submitted for selection.  Updated forms will be made available with new information added to the nomination if desired.