Instructional Materials Adoption Information

  • The State Board of Education (SBOE) issued Proclamation 2019 in April 2017.  Proclamation 2019 calls for instructional materials for English language arts and reading, grades K–8; Spanish language arts and reading, grades K–6; spelling (English and Spanish), grades 1–6; handwriting (English and Spanish), grades K–5; English Learners Language Arts, grades 7–8; and Personal Financial Literacy. The adopted materials are scheduled to go into classrooms in the 2019– 20 school year.

    Aubrey ISD has developed an Instructional Materials Adoption Committee to review publisher materials and determine which materials to recommend to the Board of Trustees for adoption. All materials are available for review by parents at any campus K-8. You may contact the campus to make an appointment to review the materials during regular business hours. If you have questions or would like to discuss the adoption, please contact Deputy Superintendent Terrie McNabb at


    Instructional Materials Adoption Committee


    Leah Powell Reading Specialist BES

    Holly Bunn Reading Specialist MES

    Joanie Rouk Elementary Facilitator BES/MES

    Brandee Gallagher Secondary Facilitator MS

    Kim Earwood Teacher BES

    Misti Ranton Teacher MES

    Sabra Perkins Teacher MES

    Jessica Perez Teacher BES

    Cheryl Reid Teacher BES

    Luz Morales Teacher BES

    Tammy Cardwell Teacher MS

    Andra Schuessler Teacher MS

    Kayla Hughes Teacher MS

    Brett Dobbs Teacher MS

    Karen Wright Principal MS

    Kari Abrams Principal BES

    Derek Leary Principal MES

    Jennifer Hazen Media/Technology District

    Terrie McNabb Deputy Superintendent District

    April Saunders Parent/Community BES

    Krystal Hiner Parent/Community MES

    Leslie Evans Parent/Community MES

    Sarah Daniels Parent/Community AMS