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    Istation is an online technology learning tool for Reading and Math.  It is research proven to improve learning skills.  
    • Monthly assessment will be given during school hours.
    • Students will be asked to complete 30 to 90 minutes per week on each program.  The number of minutes assigned to an individual student will be based on their assessment data. Below is an example of minutes assigned to students based on their individual assessments.
      • Students above grade level = 30 minutes per week
      • Students at grade level = 60 minutes per week
      • Students below grade level = 90 minutes per week
    • Students will be given their individual logins at the beginning of the school year.  They will be asked to attach their login to their Math Journal to access as needed throughout the school year.  Most logins follow this format:
      • Username:  FirstnameLastinitial (no spaces - not case sensitive)
      • Password:  Student's School ID# (can be found on Parent Portal, any progress/report card, etc. - the same number they enter in the cafeteria for breakfast or lunch accounts)
    For students below grade level, we encourage regular practice at school, as well as at home, to help students improve their learning skills.  This interactive program requires sound capability, so students need to have the sound on listening to the program as it guides them through lessons, activities, and games.  
    Home use does require parents to download the program the first time  An icon will appear after being downloaded, and the program will work just like it does on school computers.  Please let us know if you need assistance downloading Istation or being able to get it to work properly.  NOTE: After downloading the program, you will be asked a DOMAIN.  Ensure you choose Aubrey Middle School, as this is the account your middle school student has access to.