• Dear Parents,


    I am so excited to have your student in my class this year.  I look forward to a great year of learning our math curriculum and growing our mindset beyond the classroom through my "Financial Literacy" management plan.  In order for your child to be successful, each student must take responsiblilty for their own choices and the results of either a good choice or a bad one.  Everyting is a learning experience and it is okay for misrtakes to be made-as long as we learn from them.  With that in mind, we not only follow the district and campus rules, but we have also established rules for our own classroom. 


    Each student has been assigned a "job" in their classrooms and they will get "paid" for coming to school/doing their job every week.  They will also "pay" for their desk once every six weeks and owe "money" for behavior or not being prepared for class.  They can even earn bonuses! I am giving each student a form of check-book where they will keep record of their deposits and payments.  I am hoping they will leave 5th grade with an understanding of responsibilty as well as the foundations for financial literacy.  I have also created pencil pouches for each student in 5th grade.  These pouches will have 5 new/sharpened pencils every Monday and it is their responsiblity to keep up with all 5 pencils for the week.  By doing this, they will be rewarded.  If a student loses all off their pencils/pouch before the week is over then they will have to "pay" for new pencils/pouch.  


    I thank you for all of your support this year!!! 



    Mrs. Schneider


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