2019 Inductees

  • First Chaparral Elite induction class on football field

  • The inaugural class of the Chaparral Elite was recognized at halftime of the Aubrey High School’s football game on Friday, Sept. 27, 2019. 

    The Aubrey Education Foundation established the Chaparral Elite hall of fame this past spring. The Chaparral Elite were created to honor and recognize alumni, military service veterans, teachers, administrators, staff and friends who have shown excellence in their achievements and contributions to the school district.

    The Chaparral Elite inductees for 2019 were announced at the 2019 Aubrey Education Foundation Evening for Education in March of 2019.

    The following were inducted to the Chaparral Elite for 2019: Rosemary Cummings, Tim Leslie, Evalois Owens, Michael Starr and Rick Rike.



    Rosemary Cummings

    Rosemary Cummings worked for 19 years in Aubrey ISD providing a full, rich, engaging music program for every student that walked into her classroom. She encouraged many students with her programs including SWAT (Students with Amazing Talent), Choir, and the yearly student music programs. She leaves an amazing fingerprint on hundreds of students, teachers, and members of our community.

    Tim Leslie

    Tim Leslie provided many years of leadership to the Aubrey school district and community. He served on the city council for Aubrey for three years and then eight years as mayor.  He followed that on the school board as a member and president for 9 years. His passion for the community resulted in his establishing The Town Charter (the first Aubrey newspaper since 1932), which showcased and promoted the community. He habitually demonstrated his love and passion for the town and school through his service for so many years.   

    Evalois Owens

    Through 38 years of serving the school district through a variety of roles, Evalois Owens has provided a stage that allowed all to witness true integrity, a servant’s heart, and leadership. Even during her retirement years, she continues to serve the children and staff through Aubrey Education Foundation and other district committees. She continues to demonstrate a wonderful example for the Aubrey community.

    Michael Starr

    Michael Starr, a 1989 Graduate of Aubrey High School, has dedicated his life to public service for his hometown and surrounding areas. He has served as Fire Chief for 20 out of the 29 years of service in the Aubrey Fire Department. He has been a certified police officer for 18 years and worked as a reserve police officer for the City of Aubrey for 3 years. He has served on several boards and committees including the City Council for the City of Krugerville and the Northeast Police Department Commissioner’s Board providing guidance and leadership.

    Rick Rike

    Rck Rike thrived on academic competition while being a gentle soul, caring, and selfless individual. Rick initiated the Academic Decathlon (ACADEC) at Aubrey ISD. He spent countless weekend hours traveling with students to towns near and far. He coached the students early in the morning and late into the night without regard to his own personal time. Rick enjoyed seeing the students learn and achieve more than even they thought was possible. Rick was the epitome of teacher excellence.